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The ABCs of Instagram Marketing

A is for Audience


Welcome to the first episode of TTYL! We’re kicking off the launch of our Instagram marketing podcast with the ABCs of Instagram marketing, a 3-part mini-series brought to you by Nikki Canning and Rachel McDermott. Listen in to learn why building a ‘brand persona’ is so important and how to find your target audience for your Instagram feed. 

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NIKKI CANNINGHi everyone! Welcome to the first ever episode of TTYL - an Instagram Marketing podcast by Later! I’m Nikki Canning, part of the Marketing team here at Later.

RACHEL MCDERMOTT: And I’m Rachel McDermott from the Customer Happiness team. Today we’re going to be kicking off the TTYL podcast with a 3-part mini-series called the ABCs of Instagram Marketing, and episode 1 is all about A, your Audience. 


The ABCs of Instagram Marketing

A is for Audience

The ABCs of Instagram Marketing

A is for Audience

NC: This is the first part of the podcast mini-series which overall, aims to cover the basics for building a strong foundation for Instagram. We wanted to start off with the topic of your Instagram audience because unless you know WHO you’re speaking to, you won’t know what to post, when to post, how to post it and basically will be making the job of marketing your business on Instagram a hundred times harder!

NC: And once you have your target audience nailed down, the B and C parts — the Branding and Content for your Instagram feed will easily start to take shape and will naturally grow across all aspects of your strategy!

RM: Exactly, we’re just here to make your life a little easier! So let’s get started with building out a persona! 

NC: Building out a persona for your target audience is all about have a super clear idea in your head of WHO you’re going to be targeting, and the more detailed you can be about this person, or group of people, the better. 

You want to know their age, their line of work, where they’re based, their interests, hobbies, family life, disposable income — everything thing that you can before you start going into the level of stalker. 

RM: Haha, it’s true though! The clearer the picture of your target audience you can form for your business or brand, the easier it will be to create content that resonates with them, and create a brand style that works for your audience. 

NC: Yep because different types of people react to and respond to content in different types of ways. Let’s create an example, completely fictional. You’re a personal trainer, specializing in fitness plans for women.

You want to use your Instagram page to share workouts and help your followers be more active at home. So if you know that your target audience is female, they’re working mums, they like to stay healthy but don’t find the time, they’re most active on social media in the evenings, and they follow lots of sports and fitness clothing brands as inspo, your Instagram strategy to heaps to work off from just that info! 

RM: For starters, you know when they’re most active online so let’s make sure you post within that evening window.

NC: Yup!

RM: And then you know that they’re mums, so maybe you want to create content that’s about working out with your kids or finding ways for the whole family to be active.

NC: Nailed it! 

RM: And you could even start some blue sky thinking about what awesome brands you can collaborate with to create some content on Instagram, like a Instagram Stories takeover!

NC: Rachel, have you ever considered a career as a content marketer? 

RM: Haha thanks! But really all this information on your target audience is invaluable. Let’s talk about where you can find that info. 

NC: Right, first off you’re a business, you’ll probably have done some market research on your target audience and your competitors.

This is a really good starting place to form your target audience, but remember that your Instagram audience might be a slightly different demographic to your overall business target audience. 

RM: Yep for sure, so for Instagram, your audience could be slightly younger, or have a more focused interest. 

NC: Yes, exactly! That’s especially important if you’re starting an Instagram profile for a campaign, or a special branch of your business! 

RM: So your business’ market research is a starting point, and from there, I think the best place is actually your Instagram analytics.

YES! If you have an Instagram for business account, and you've not looked at your analytics yet - YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Honestly, your Instagram Insights are an absolute goldmine if you want to learn about your current followers.

RM: You can look at your followers' age, where they're based, when their most active on Instagram, how many times they’ve emailed you, what kind of content performs best, how often they engage with your Instagram Stories — the information you can pull from your Instagram analytics is endless.

NC: I’d definitely recommend having a dig around in your Instagram analytics and metrics — it’s call Insights and you can access it by tapping the little bar chart icon in the top right-hand corner of your profile page. 

We’ve even created a full Instagram Analytics Strategy guide to help you decipher the numbers and pull out the details that will help you build a killer strategy and target audience person

RMAnother great source for insights into your audience that a lot of people forget about is actually your website analytics! 

NCGreat point Rachel! If you’re using Google Analytics, or even have a plugin hosted on your blog to track your visitors, this is also another great place to find out the likes and dislikes of your followers!

RMParticular if you want to know more about what kind of content works for them. Like what pages of your website perform best on your website, or blog — could that be a topic that you can cover on your Instagram account too? Is it a commonality across all your followers that you’ll want to address while strategizing for your next post? All things to think about!

NCI think it’s worth touching on here, even though it might fall a little into the Content side of things, but how you want to communicate with your followers, or target audience, all comes down to understanding who they are.

RMYes, I really agree with you Nikki! Like if you know that your engagement levels are high on Instagram Stories, you know that’s a platform your audience likes, and is already actively watching and engaging with your content, so you know that spending time and energy into developing that platform is worthwhile.

NCExactly! While it’s totally worth experimenting with different types of content, and I would always encourage you to do it where time and budget allow, if you have data in front of you that says ‘this type of content works for your audience’ you’d be silly not to listen to it and create more of that content for your audience.

RMIt all comes back to creating an Instagram strategy that serves your audience's needs! So let’s wrap up about identifying your Target audience on Instagram!

NCAwesome! Ok, so the way I like to think about audience research is this — the 5 Ws and a H questions — it’s not catchy, but it works! So if you know WHO your audience is, WHAT they like, WHERE there are based, WHEN, they are online, WHY you want to reach out to them, and HOW you’re going to do it, then you’ve got a great framework to start your Instagram marketing strategy!

RM: That’s pretty much everything you need to build out a skeleton of your target audience for Instagram, and then use this information when you’re working on your Instagram branding and content!

NC Exactly! And believe me, once you have your target audience nailed, everything else will be a cinch! 

RMGreat, well that just about wraps up our first episode of TTYL — we hope you guys liked it and you found some useful info in there to help you start your Instagram Marketing strategy!

NCRemember there’s two more parts to this mini-series on the way — look out for episode 2 where we’ll be chatting all things Branding,

RMAnd in episode 3 we tackle everything you need to know about creating great content for your Instagram feed!

NCJust a reminder that this podcast started out because, you, our Later followers asked for it — so if you have any topics or areas around social media marketing that you want us to cover in an upcoming episode, please do get in touch!

RMSend us Instagram DM, leave us a comment on our posts or leave us a review on wherever you find your podcasts! We’d love to hear from you!

NCThanks again for listening!


This episode of TTYL was hosted by Rachel McDermott and Nikki Canning — thanks for listening! If you enjoyed the show, please give us a review wherever you get your podcasts from. Later’s TTYL is available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify right now.

TTYL Podcast is a podcast by Later, the #1 marketing platform to visually plan & schedule Instagram posts. This episode of the podcast was hosted by Rachel McDermott and Nikki Canning. Sound engineering by Andrew Linn. Artwork, design, and graphics by Chin Tan. 

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