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Shopping, but make it social.

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Our experts will show you how to bring that classic in-store shopping feel to your online store. 

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Learn how to build a community on social, and how to start generating revenue from your online following.

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Social Sales Sessions

 March 1-5 2021

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The Future of Social Commerce 

What is social commerce, and how can small businesses get on board? We have a few ideas. Join Cameron for a quick intro to the future of social commerce.

Cameron Uganec 

SVP of Marketing at Later

Top Social Sales Tips From a Shopify Expert

Join Katie Boothby-Kung  (founder of ultra-cool Copper Root Collective, and Senior Social Impact Manager at Shopify) to learn the ins and outs of starting your online store


Katie Boothby-Kung

Hosted by: Amaan Nathoo - Director of Customer Success at Later


Educating and Building Your Community on Social to Drive Sales

Join the founders of Mala Collective and The Atelier Collective for an unmissable panel discussion on creating content that actually drives revenue.


Ashley Wray

Ang Osbourne + Taryn Herrit

Matt Johnston

Hosted by: Christine Colling - Social Media Manager at Later

Best Practices for Making Sales on Pinterest

Pinterest’s very own Enoch Lam will share all the insider tips for making sales on Pinterest. What’s better than hearing best practices straight from the source, right?

Enoch Lam

Making Sales on Social with STIL 

Join Marissa Grootes, founder of ever-awesome STIL Classics, to hear her story of getting STIL off the ground.

Marissa Grootes


From IRL to URL: How Papersmiths Pivoted to Making Sales on Social

8:00/11:00 AM

Creating your own product and selling it entirely online is no easy feat. But that’s exactly what Sidonie Warren (founder of Papersmiths) did—and she’s ready to share those tips with you.


Sidonie Warren

Hosted by:  Bria Derksen - Customer Onboarding Lead

How SMBs Can Work with Content Creators on Social

Grace Murray

Hosted by: Chrissy Abram -Manager, PR & Influencer Marketing at Later

Jera Foster-Fell

Join social expert (and member of the Million Followers Club on TikTok) Jera Foster-Fell and Fohr’s VP of Strategy Grace Murray for some insider tips on working with influencers. Hit us with all your questions about influencer marketing.


So, what does the future hold? That’s a tough one. But our friend Isis Woods (aka The Digital Sales Guru) has a few ideas on what’s next for social selling trends. Tune in for the Isis’ 2021 predictions!

Social Selling Trends for 2021

Isis Breanna

Katie Boothby-Kung - Shopify
Sidonie Warren - Papersmiths
Marissa Grootes - Stil Classics
Jera Foster Fell - The Social Media Saloon
Isis Breanna
Ang + Taryn - The Atelier Collective
Cameron Uganec - Later
AshleyWray - Mala Collective
Grace Murray - Fohr
Chrissy Abram - later
Enoch Lam - Pinterst
Enoch Lam - Pinterst